ServiceNow Orchestration Training


Automate Processes for Fast, Predictable Results with ServiceNow Orchestration Training

Prerequisites for ServiceNow Orchestration Training

• System Administrator preferred CLICK HERE
• Ability to write, test and debug JavaScript
• Three to six months building workflows in ServiceNow
• Scripting in ServiceNow or equivalent knowledge is also strongly suggested for ServiceNow Orchestration TrainingCLICK HERE

Through ServiceNow Orchestration you can automate following systems:

• VMware (through vCenter)
• Amazon EC2 instances
• Any system presenting web services
• Windows Active Directory
• Microsoft Exchange mail servers
• Puppet Labs Puppet (with configuration automation)
• Opscode Chef (with configuration automation)
• Any system accessible from the command line

How Orchstration Works:

When an Orchestration activity starts within a workflow, Orchestration launches a probe and writes a probe record to the ECC Queue. The workflow pauses as the MID Server picks up the request and executes the probe. When the probe reports back, the workflow resumes as the results are analyzed. The workflow can exit or continue at this point.

Orchestration Activities:

• Basic Orchestration activities

• SSH activities
• Active Directory activities
• VMware activities
• Amazon EC2 activities
• PowerShell activities
• Puppet
• Chef activities
• Exchange activities

Servicenowxperts provides instructor-led/hands-on and Online/Virtual ServiceNow Orchestration Training. Following are the agenda of this training:

• Detail hands-on explaination of ServiceNow Workflow and Workflow activites
• Detail explaination of ServiceNow Orchestration
• Orchestration workflow and activities associated with Orchestration workflow
• MID Server role while implementing Orchestration
• Passing Variables and Inputs to implement Orchestration
• Important security aspects associated with ServiceNow Orchestration
• Password Reset
• Shutdown and restart Hosted Linux and Windows server
• Automate Amazon EC2 using Orchestration with case studies
• Automate VMWare using Orchestration with case studies
• Automate LDAP/Active Directory using Orchestration with case studies
Automate Software Management using Orchestration

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Duration : 10 Hours

Online Training

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