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Learn HTMLOnline Course Summary:

Learn HTMLOnline, Our Training can help you learn how to build a website, including how to write HTML and design websites and web applications. Start understanding basic mark-up language and work up to mastering web development.


• We started with an introduction to HTML, and what it's used for.
• We then created a basic webpage, before moving on to some of the basic tags. We learned that each tag can have different attributes, and that we can supply the value for these attributes.
• We learned that we can create hyperlinks using the anchor tag (a) with the href attribute.
• We embedded an image using the img tag with the src attribute, and applied several other attributes to the tag
• We then learned about the importance of commenting our code to make site maintenance easier
• Armed with the above knowledge, we tackled some more advanced HTML such as image maps, tables, forms, and frames.
• We finished by learning how to extend HTML with stylesheets and scripts, Learn HTML Online.

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Duration : 15 Hours

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